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IHI Energy Storage is a subsidiary of IHI Corporation, a 165-year-old organization with deep energy industry experience. IHI Energy Storage provides complete solar + storage solutions provider with offerings grounded in advanced software. ​

IHI Energy Storage’s proprietary software provides customers with the ability to seamlessly deploy their energy storage systems to gain the most value possible. The software includes advanced clipped capture capabilities, eight deployment modes, and real-time operation insight. 

IHI Energy Storage leverages proprietary design software when developing systems that operates on the same algorithm that is later used to deploy the system in real-time. This end-to-end algorithm structure coupled with a well-established parent organization enables IHI Energy Storage to provide an advanced warranty to customers, reducing project risk and increasing clarity on system scheduling and deployment. 

The robust software and top tier energy storage solutions are developed by the expert team at IHI Energy Storage. Employees have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and enthusiastically seek to build on IHI’s advanced product offerings. 

With solar + storage expertise, robust software, technology-agnostic solutions, and adaptive capabilities, IHI Energy Storage develops efficient and streamlined systems to achieve your energy storage goals. 


IHI Corporation has been a leader in the industrial sector since 1853.

Originally established as Ishikawajima Shipyard, IHI has expanded into various spheres of industry such as energy & environment, industrial systems, aero & space engines, and social infrastructure. IHI’s global history, experience, and expertise provides bankability and support to its various subsidiaries and sister companies, all working under the corporate message of “Realize your dreams,” describing IHI’s mission to help bring society to new levels of technological advancement. 

In 1977, IHI Corporation developed an American branch which provides support to all US subsidiaries and divisions of IHI Corporation, including IHI Energy Storage. 

IHI Energy Storage was established in 2014. The group was positioned to develop software and provide energy storage products and services utilizing the software. In an effort to develop advanced optimization capabilities, IHI Energy Storage purchased the ESWare software suite from 24M – an advanced, non-linear, economic algorithm-based software. Since then, IHI Energy Storage has developed into a complete solar + storage solutions provider with proprietary software and complementary services.

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