The GigaWatt solution is an adaptable design for large-scale energy storage of 20+ MW.

Large scale projects depend on competitive financials and highly available system operations for success. IHI Terrasun Solutions designs GigaWatt projects with robust hardware architecture and software reliability to exceed customers’ needs.​

Key to our GigaWatt solution is our technology-agnostic approach, as it: 1) enables customers to leverage the most economical products available, and 2) ensures augmentation possibilities throughout the long life of the system, integrating new technology offerings as they come on the market and phasing out outdated products. IHI Terrasun Solutions, a subsidiary of the 165-year old IHI Corporation, understands the priorities of a 25-year operation and shares a long-term solution mentality. The GigaWatt solution offers financial and technological flexibility for a long-lasting, robust, and reliable project.


Includes projects in NY, CA, Southwest states including NV and AZ, HI, desert large-scale solar, and more.

The GigaWatt solution is designed to capture the most value available in these key markets and utility requirements. Offerings take into account key value drivers and market incentives for projects, as well as codes and standards required in each market, including FERC, NERC, and cybersecurity regulations. These large-scale projects are designed as AC or DC coupled solar + storage as well as stand-alone storage and are fitted to each client’s needs for a highly-reliable, effective solution.


GigaWatt systems require complex design and integration to run smoothly. IHI Terrasun Solutions leverages in-house engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with manufacturers to design standardized, long-lasting, high-quality, safe GigaWatt solutions. IHI Terrasun Solutions‘ technology-agnostic approach provides lower costs and enables future augmentation, and the robust automated controls keep the deployment of GigaWatt solutions optimized.

Large scale systems are available in as containerized and building solutions to suit all customers’ needs. IHI Terrasun Solutions designs all systems to an extremely high safety standard, addressing risk mitigation requirements for systems that truly last.


To support GigaWatt solutions, IHI Terrasun Solutions provides both asset control and lifecycle management offerings as services (SaaS) in a unique as-needed format. Customers are able to select services from IHI Terrasun Solutions’ comprehensive range of offerings to efficiently meet their project goals, decreasing CAPEX and creating a custom service package. 

IHI Terrasun Solutions’ proprietary software is developed in-house and provides a strong foundation for long-lasting, large-scale systems while smoothly integrating the many components included in a GigaWatt-sized installation.


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  • Asset control:
    • AC-coupled solar plus storage grid support modes
    • Autonomous control modes that enable charge and discharge​ for DC-coupled solar plus storage operation
    • Workflow automation: event-based charge, discharge, and/or autonomous control​
    • Scheduling: timed charge, discharge, and/or autonomous control​
  • Lifecycle management:
    • Extended data access: data gathering, presentation, cloud enablement​
    • 24/7 remote monitoring services​
    • Tiered software support services​
    • O&M: expert remote and field services teams provide flexible and customized support, including preventative maintenance​
    • Warranty & performance guarantee: offered for each project based on the high accuracy of proprietary design software operating on the same algorithm used for deployment coupled with the support of a well-established parent organization​

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