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Integration for large scale energy storage projects

IHI Terrasun provides the execution know-how and expertise at all stages of integration for large scale battery energy storage projects, starting with flexible battery and inverter procurement options, vendor selection and management, including design and engineering, power plant control system scoping, project management, commissioning, and transition to lifetime services. 

Terrasun’s approach to battery and inverter vendor selection enables the optimization of technology readiness, availability, and pricing to satisfy the most complex project requirements. 

IHI Terrasun offers flexible procurement services: traditional  equipment procurement through Terrasun or direct procurement by the customer.

For all projects, Terrasun provides a suite of services to support the complex process, including scoping, scheduling, contracting, sizing, warranties, guarantees, augmentation planning, and long term services development.

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Simulation rendering of the Gemini solar and storage storage project in Nevada

Software Controls for Full Power Plants

Terrasun’s power plant controls leverages Rockwell Automation’s hardware platform to keeping high availability through a robust and redundant network of programmable logic controllers. 

Terrasun’s in-house software development, simulation, and test teams integrate global tier 1 battery suppliers and inverters to create energy solutions for co-located, DC-coupled or standalone energy storage systems. Specific project requirements are tested in Factory Acceptance Testing before being deployed on site through the Hardware in Loop (HIL) simulation.

The controls architecture spans from the Battery Management Software (BMS) to the Power Plant Controls, inclusive of solar scope.

Terrasun’s research and  development teams are actively looking for software-based techniques to increase availability, reduce down time, energy consumption and increase efficiency.

Lifetime services: from commissioning through years of operation

Terrasun’s team of field engineers and commissioning experts has years of combined experience with integrating products from tier 1 battery companies including different inverter configurations. All of Terrasun’s projects run on our proprietary software.

We support your project from the start by designing the services model to fit the contractual commitments, reduce risk and meet your financial obligations. 

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