The MegaWatt solution is a flexible, replicable design for energy storage systems of up to 20 MW.

These boutique projects depend on the ability to capture revenue in multiple use cases including solar generation shifting, participation in wholesale capacity markets, providing peak capacity for incentives such as the MA Clean Peak Standard or Ontario Global Adjustment, and more. IHI Terrasun Solutions designs MegaWatt projects with robust hardware architecture and software reliability to exceed customers’ needs.

Integral to the MegaWatt solution is the solutions focused approach and dedication to custom support IHI Terrasun Solutions provided with each project. Developers have engaged again and again with IHI Terrasun Solutions based on the true value inherent in the MegaWatt offering.


Includes NY, MA, Ontario, CA, and more; notably includes NY VDER and MA SMART projects.

The MegaWatt solution includes key features designed to support projects in these key markets. Projects in MA can support the Clean Peak Standard while seamlessly coupling with both AC and DC solar. Additionally, these systems can take advantage of wholesale market opportunities. Customers in NY can capture revenue from all VDER rate structures with the scheduling function available through the web portal or API. Fail safe features provide the higher availability needed to adjust for Ontario Global Adjustment peaks, and the scheduling function streamlines peak reduction efforts. All projects are developed using the highest safety standards which meet New York regulations and maintain the most stringent standards for safe installations across all of IHI Terrasun Solutions’ systems.



To develop MegaWatt systems that suit customers’ unique needs, IHI Terrasun Solutions leverages in-house engineering expertise to design high-quality, safe solutions tailored to each site’s specifications.

These systems are designed for use in multiple applications to offer customers the best return on investment possible. Designs are replicable and reliable, as demonstrated by the strong relationships developed between IHI Terrasun Solutions and the repeat customers who have built out their project portfolios with MegaWatt solutions. 


To support MegaWatt solutions, IHI Terrasun Solutions provides both SaaS and traditional services in a unique as-needed format. Customers can select services from IHI Terrasun Solutions’ comprehensive range of offerings to efficiently meet their project goals, decreasing CAPEX and creating a custom service package. The service offerings encompass the varied requirements of MegaWatt solutions that are deployed in multiple applications.

IHI Terrasun Solutions’ proprietary software is developed in-house and provides a strong foundation for long-lasting, efficient systems in a sleekly tailored solution.


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  • Asset control:
    • AC-coupled solar plus storage grid support modes
    • Autonomous control modes that enable charge and discharge​ for DC-coupled solar plus storage operation
    • Workflow automation: event-based charge, discharge, and/or autonomous control​
    • Scheduling: timed charge, discharge, and/or autonomous control​
  • Lifecycle management:
    • Extended data access: data gathering, presentation, cloud enablement​
    • 24/7 remote monitoring services​
    • Tiered software support services​
    • O&M: expert remote and field services teams provide flexible and customized support, including preventative maintenance​
    • Warranty & performance guarantee: offered for each project based on the high accuracy of proprietary design software operating on the same algorithm used for deployment coupled with the support of a well-established parent organization​

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