Terrasun joins historic Gemini Project

Proud system integrator and service provider for the 1.4 GWh Gemini Project — one of North America’s largest solar plus storage initiatives


Customer Focused

Consistently excellent customer experience, driven by long-term success and loyalty


Safe systems built for long-term asset value, higher ROI, & reduced management costs


Uniquely configured solutions that meet any project need + creatively resolve challenges

Technology Driven

True interconnection of hardware and software through system design and implementation

Project Experience

IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. has provided energy storage system solutions
widely across North America and beyond. The projects range f rom stand-
alone storage to DC and AC coupled solar + storage in a variety of sizes and
use cases, supported by the advanced software Terrasun provides with each
unique energy storage system.

0 GWh (DC)
installed, contracted, and in-construction
0 GWh
Utility Scale
0 GWh
0 MWh

Lifecycle Services

Terrasun’s lifecycle services are based on highly integrated hardware and software for a complete and robust energy storage solution

Technology Approach

The benefits of the IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. approach include:


Our range of solutions provide core capabilities supported by hardware, software, and systems designed for large scale storage to create lasting utility-scale systems.

About IHI Terrasun Solutions

IHI Terrasun Solutions is a solar + storage lifecycle services provider. Originally known as IHI Energy Storage, a division of IHI Corporation, IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. reached several internal milestones and incorporated in March 2020 as a subsidiary of IHI Corporation, who continues to provide guidance and support. 

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