Leadership Team at IHI Terrasun

Terrasun’s leadership team brings deep technology sector experience to realize the company vision of a sustainable future.
Jamal Burki
Steve Held
VP, Business Operations
Larry Kane
VP, OTR and Engineering
Caroline Nisbet
VP, HR & Organizational Development
Ray Saka
VP, Business Strategy and Services
Kenshi Suzuki
VP, Finance & Corporate Engagement
Shar Allen
Sr. Director – Product Management
Pete Biede
Director – Operations
Jeremiah Brockway
Sr. Director – Engineering and Technology
Ken Dao
Director – Supply Chain
Dramaine Irions
Director – Legal and Contracts
Matt Ruza
Director – Sales and Business Development
Hiroshi Saito
Director – Finance
Farrokh Samaie
Sr. Director – Asset Performance & Service Operations
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