IHI, Inc. Announces Fukushima Energy Storage Project

Energy Storage System to be Part of a Larger Off-Grid Resiliency Project

CHICAGO and FUKUSHIMA, (October 18, 2017)

IHI, Inc. announced today a new 500kW, 2.5MWh energy storage project collocated with a larger facility developed by IHI Corporation, the parent organization of IHI, Inc. The energy storage system is expected to be operational by April 2018.

The facility is intended to alleviate continued grid challenges in order to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy resources, such as photovoltaic (PV) generation systems. The overall project is designed to create an independently sustainable power system by utilizing a variety of installed technologies including onsite hydrogen generation, PV systems, and battery storage to reduce CO2 emissions while providing reliable power.

“This energy storage system will change the landscape of generation and consumption in the region, creating an independent and resilient local grid. The success of this effort relies on innovative software capabilities for immediate reaction to various energy needs, such as grid failure, renewable utilization, and other emergency situations,” commented Toshiaki Nishio, Managing Director of the energy storage division of IHI Inc. (hereafter IHI Energy Storage). “IHI Energy Storage is proud to be a key partner in the development of this facility.”

IHI Energy Storage will utilize their proprietary software suite, ESWare, to maximize the value of the energy storage system IHI Corp is installing. ESWare will provide system controls for both back-up power usage as well as a solar smoothing and shifting application. In addition to the energy storage system, IHI Energy Storage will provide an advanced system warranty and a full turnkey solution, incorporating LG Chem’s Li-Ion battery racks and TMEIC’s 500kW bidirectional inverter.

About IHI:

IHI has been a leader in the industrial manufacturing sector since 1853. Originally a shipbuilding company, IHI has expanded into various spheres of industry such as energy, industry and infrastructure, and sustainability. IHI’s global experience and expertise provides bankability and support to its various subsidiaries and sister companies, all working under the corporate message of “Realize your dreams,” describing IHI’s mission to help bring society to new levels of technological advancement.

About IHI Energy Storage:

IHI Energy Storage is a Chicago-based subsidiary of IHI, Inc., NY and provider of energy storage system solutions centered around the ESWare software suite, an end-to-end solution. As a systems integrator, IHI provides energy storage solutions for both front of the meter and behind the meter applications. IHI’s solutions include adaptive, real-time operation software, technology agnostic system designs, and autonomous operation capabilities, with support from its 160-year-old parent company, IHI Corporation, Tokyo.

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