Earth Day 2022: Celebrating IHI Terrasun’s role in decarbonizing the power grid

The energy transition is accelerating: innovations in solar power, wind energy, and battery technology are moving at a truly astounding speed. That’s something worth celebrating this Earth Day as our world grapples with the challenge of climate change and finds the energy solutions necessary for tackling it.

At IHI Terrasun Solutions, we pursue this kind of work not because it will be easy but because we know it’ll be tough: storage integration with solar projects is necessary to make the changes required to decarbonize the energy sector. Since 1853, IHI Corporation, of which IHI Terrasun Solutions is a subsidiary, has evolved to meet the moment and right now, we know how critical it is for us to be one of the leaders in this space, developing the technology and solutions needed to integrate and support more renewable energy on the nation’s power grid.

Last month, Terrasun announced a partnership with Primergy Solar on the Gemini Project — one of the largest solar and storage efforts in the world. Spanning 71,000 acres in Nevada’s Mohave desert, this project demonstrates just how much solar energy production can be scaled up. I see that as a tremendous win for our climate and the future of human habitation, and it’s what we do best: providing energy storage system solutions and lifecycles services to utility-scale infrastructure. Once completed, the Gemini Project is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 million tons annually – that’s on par with taking over 300,000 gas-powered cars off the road every year.

Our technology-agnostic approach brings together top-tier batteries, inverter technologies, and intelligent system controls to provide our customers and the power grid at large with the means to advance to the next big thing — regardless of what direction the innovations in this fast-developing field take us. We serve our partners and are ready to pivot as necessary to facilitate the renewable energy transition through whatever challenges come next.

Our clients trust us with their most important projects and developments – it’s something we take great pride in. Whether it’s our projects in Texas to support resiliency for the ERCOT grid or pioneering new frontiers in DC-coupled solar power operations with ISO-New England, we have the tools, expertise, and decades of managing successful partnerships that it takes to make the renewable transition a reality in our lifetime.

On this Earth Day, we can proudly look back on Terrasun’s accomplishments, tradition of customer service, and innovative approach to harnessing the full power of renewables and look ahead to what’s next. We know how crucial it is for us to serve our partners well and forge the path ahead for further decarbonization of the power sector — for the sake of our planet and the world we want our children and grandchildren to inherit.

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Jamal Burki
President, IHI Terrasun

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