IHI Energy Storage Becomes IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc.

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IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. Established as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of IHI Corporation

CHICAGO, August 19, 2020 (Newswire.com) - IHI Energy Storage has incorporated as IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. (Terrasun), a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI Americas Inc. (IAI). IHI Corporation (IHI), a parent company of IAI, has a continued financial investment in the venture and provides ongoing support and guidance to the newly established Terrasun.

Terrasun expands upon the work of IHI Energy Storage by providing customers with integrated solar + storage lifecycle services and solutions grounded in advanced software and hardware. With 320+ MWh of energy storage installed and contracted across North America, Terrasun is positioned to advance energy storage in the region. Over 70% of these projects are solar + storage, with the majority using DC-coupled technology, which highlights Terrasun’s core expertise. The company’s new name reflects these efforts; the name “Terrasun” is inspired by the Japanese word “terasu,” meaning “to illuminate,” as well as the connection between “terra” and “sun,” pointing to the connection between energy storage and solar power that lies at the core of the company’s work.

IHI Energy Storage was originally a division of the US branch of IHI Corporation and has met several key milestones that have enabled the growth of the stand-alone IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. Toshiaki Nishio, President of IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. explains further.

“While the foundation of our expertise is in energy storage, we have developed a brilliant team with capabilities that extend into solar and other forms of energy management.” Toshiaki Nishio continues, “Our customers will continue to receive the unique values of our company, as a customer-focused, solutions-driven, and technology-driven, and reliable organization. We will stay true to our core values as we continue to grow and offer new solutions and products.”

IHI Corporation has been a leader in the industrial sector since 1853. IHI’s global history, experience, and expertise provide bankability and support to its various subsidiaries and sister companies. IHI Energy Storage, now known as IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc., was established in 2014 and was positioned to develop software and provide energy storage system integration solutions and services utilizing the software. In 2020, the company incorporated as IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. and now provides integrated solar + storage lifecycle services and solutions grounded in advanced software and hardware. As Hiroshi Ide, President and COO of IHI, states, “We want to broaden our horizons beyond energy storage and take our customers with us.”

Interested parties can learn more about the range of solutions and services offered by IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. on the company website: ihiterrasun.com

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