IHI Energy Storage to Supply Energy Storage for 51MWh of DC-Coupled Solar + Storage

Announcing Six New Projects with Nexamp Across New York and Massachusetts

CHICAGO, September 18, 2019 (Newswire.com) - IHI Energy Storage announced today six DC-coupled solar + storage systems totaling 51MWh of energy storage across Massachusetts and New York. The systems, with hardware and software provided by IHI Energy Storage, are developed under the NY SUN and VDER programs and the MA SMART program. Nexamp, a solar project developer taking the first step into the energy storage project world, has contracted with IHI Energy Storage to provide the energy storage technology for the projects.IHI Energy Storage, a division of IHI Inc., ​is dedicated to advancing energy storage in North America and has expertise in solar + storage systems, particularly DC-coupled projects. The energy storage integrator conducts testing in their private lab to mitigate reverse current risks and validate clipped capture software. IHI Energy Storage has also conducted research on the link between derate events and voltage and temperature fluctuations to optimize sizing in their system designs. To comply with ITC requirements, IHI Energy Storage offers grid import and export limiting. A scheduling function is also available to enable customers to achieve the highest revenue available under the NY VDER structure. These six large projects all leverage IHI Energy Storage's unique capabilities to capture the most value possible for the customers.

"We are pleased to announce this new suite of solar + storage projects and bring new DC-coupled projects to the New York and Massachusetts markets with Nexamp," says Toshiaki Nishio, General Manager of IHI Energy Storage. "We believe that Nexamp's future in solar + storage business is bright based on their strong engineering capabilities, deep understanding of the solar and energy storage market, and collaborative attitude during project development. We look forward to working with them."

IHI Energy Storage recognizes the importance of safety in energy storage systems and has ensured that the planned systems will be in full compliance with the new UL9540A requirements. The company is dedicated to advancing safety in their systems to offer their customers the most advanced, safe systems available.

"Nexamp selected IHI Energy Storage as a supplier on these projects for their expertise in solar + storage markets, their customer-focused mindset, and long-term approach," elaborates Ben Downing, VP, New Market Development at Nexamp. "These projects are among our first in energy storage, and we are glad to be working collaboratively with IHI Energy Storage to further our clean energy goals."

With high-end software, technology-agnostic integration services, and an advanced warranty and capacity guarantee, IHI Energy Storage provides top-tier energy storage systems across the US and Canada. The extensive history and engineering expertise of IHI Corporation increases IHI Energy Storage's bankability and reliability and cements their future involvement in the industry. These projects advance IHI Energy Storage's presence in the New York and Massachusetts markets and highlight the company's focus on the future of solar + storage.About IHI Energy StorageIHI Energy Storage is a Chicago-based subsidiary of IHI Corporation, Tokyo, and provider of energy storage system solutions. As a systems integrator, IHI provides energy storage solutions for both front of the meter and behind the meter applications. IHI's solutions include adaptive, real-time operation software, technology agnostic system designs, and autonomous operation capabilities, with support from its 160-year-old parent company, IHI Corporation, Tokyo.Media Contact:Daria MarkMarketing Manager, IHI Terrasun Solutions312-535-4942dmark@ihiterrasun.com