IHI, Inc. Launches New Energy Storage Software, ES/Analyzer

ES/Analyzer Optimizes Energy Storage System Sizing, Scheduling and Effect to Aid in Project Development

CHICAGO, IL (December 5, 2017)

IHI, Inc. announced on Friday a new software product as an integral part of their proprietary ESWare® line. The new product, ES/Analyzer, is a simulation tool used to determine optimal project sizing, potential return on investment, and other key factors in planning an effective energy storage project.

The software’s advanced constrained non-linear programing based scheduling and dispatch capabilities increase potential ROI, and the optimal sizing calculations and technology-agnostic design enable customers to find the ideal storage system for their needs. For a more advanced view into sizing optimization, the unique parametric analysis tool enables users to compare various sizing options and determine which size fits their needs best.

ES/Analyzer joins ES/Optimizer and ES/Pilot to complete the ESWare software suite. Together, the three products streamline simulation, design, and operation of an energy storage system. The ESWare suite is an end-to-end software solution, meaning all three products run on the same algorithm – which creates greater certainty that planned operation and real-time operation will match.

“ES/Analyzer is a highly intelligent software tool that directs scheduling and dispatch of the energy storage system to capture the greatest financial value available,” stated Toshiaki Nishio, Managing Director of IHI Energy Storage. “This simulation software integrates directly into the real-time controls, creating a cohesive software system when ES/Analyzer is used in concert with ES/Optimizer and ES/Pilot, the design and operation software in the ESWare suite.”

Based on given parameters including a defined load profile, renewables integration, tariffs, incentives, and other detailed variables, ES/Analyzer produces financial pro-forma, optimized engineering data, optimal system sizes (kW/kWh), and other analytics to guide the development of an efficient energy storage project. ES/Analyzer’s highly intelligent software capabilities, parametric analysis tool, and end-to-end algorithmic connection to ES/Optimizer guide the development of the most efficient energy storage project available.

IHI Energy Storage is offering two subscription levels for the ES/Analyzer software – Basic and Premium. The Basic package includes a single license, tutorial and demo videos, a software manual, and access to an administrative help desk for $1,500 annually. A Basic subscription is a great solution for small to medium scale developers, financiers, utilities, municipalities, and Co-ops. The Premium package includes up to five licenses, introductory demos, three hours per month of analyst assistance, and access to customer service, prepared tutorial videos, a software manual, and an administrative help desk for $7,500 annually, and is developed for large scale developers and independent engineering companies.

About IHI:

IHI has been a leader in the industrial manufacturing sector since 1853. Originally a shipbuilding company, IHI has expanded into various spheres of industry such as energy, industry and infrastructure, and sustainability. IHI's global experience and expertise provides bankability and support to its various subsidiaries and sister companies, all working under the corporate message of "Realize your dreams," describing IHI's mission to help bring society to new levels of technological advancement.

About IHI Energy Storage:

IHI Energy Storage is a Chicago-based subsidiary of IHI, Inc., NY and provider of energy storage system solutions centered around the ESWare software suite, an end-to-end solution. As a systems integrator, IHI provides energy storage solutions for both front of the meter and behind the meter applications. IHI’s solutions include adaptive, real-time operation software, technology agnostic system designs, and autonomous operation capabilities, with support from its 160-year-old parent company, IHI Corporation, Tokyo.

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