In conversation with Dramaine Irions

Earlier this year, we sat down with Dramaine Irions, Director of Contracts and Commercial Operations at IHI Terrasun Solutions to talk about African American Heritage Month that’s celebrated and honored every year. The conversation was insightful, but at the time we were only able to feature short clips on LinkedIn. In honor of the Juneteenth commemoration, we’re sharing a more expanded version of the interview.

Daria Mark: You’ve been with IHI Terrasun for seven years. Any reflections, thoughts, and observations about how the company has changed from when you first started to where we are now?

Daria Mark: What is your advice to young black professionals who may be considering renewable energy as a career?

Daria Mark: What does having a diverse workforce mean for you?

Daria Mark: What suggestions do you have for increasing representation of African Americans in the Renewable Energy sector?