The Terrasun Story

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Since 2014, IHI Energy Storage, a division of the US operations of IHI Corporation, has provided energy storage products and services utilizing our specialty software.

We passed several internal milestones and reached a longstanding goal to incorporate as an independent company. As a subsidiary of IHI Corporation, we continue to benefit from our parent company’s continued investment, guidance, and support as we push our growth further. We step forward on our path as a solar + storage system integration and lifecycle services provider.

We are thrilled to announce that IHI Energy Solutions became IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. as of August 19, 2020. We look forward to further strengthening our highly-valued relationships as IHI Terrasun Solutions Inc, and we wanted to share some background on what this change really means with you, our valued customers, partners, and contacts.

What does the new name mean?

The name “Terrasun” is inspired by the Japanese word “terasu,” meaning “to illuminate,” as well as the connection between “terra” and “sun,” pointing to the connection between energy storage and solar power that lies at the core of our work. With our establishment as Terrasun, we have continued expanding our focus from energy storage to solar + storage lifecycle services, and we intend to continue this growth into solar and beyond.

Why the change?

We’re growing! We’ve met some key internal milestones and are proud to have developed from a division of the US branch of IHI Corporation into IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. (Terrasun), an independent subsidiary of IHI Corporation. This change will give us room to grow even further.

What will this change mean for you?

Our customers will continue to receive the reliability and exemplary customer focused service we’ve provided since day one. We continue to be technology-driven and solutions driven in our work.

What is your new company structure within the IHI family?

Previously, we were the energy storage division of IHI Inc., the US headquarters of IHI Corporation. IHI Inc. has been renamed IHI Americas, and still provides the link between us and IHI Corporation. We have incorporated as a stand-alone company, IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. a subsidiary of IHI Americas (IAI), which is in turn a part of IHI Corporation.

What does Terrasun do?

We are evolving into a solar + storage lifecycle services provider.

As a solar + storage lifecycle services provider, we provide hardware and software integration to get projects started. Once the system is commissioned, we provide services throughout the life of the project – for example: augmentation, smart monitoring & alarming, remote software upgrades and more.

Our lifecycle services are based on highly integrated hardware and software capabilities. The unique integration of hardware and software creates a truly robust platform for systems that operate efficiently and give customers insight into how best to optimize their projects. Hardware like DC-DC converters or HVAC can be designed & operated much more efficiently using data analysis and advanced controls. Our platform is designed to achieve modular and scalable configurations, vendor agnostic augmentation, and flexible technology adoption, and more.