Utility Scale Capabilities

Utility Scale storage comes with a specific set of challenges that Terrasun is ready to address. Our range of solutions provide core capabilities supported by hardware, software, and systems designed for large scale storage to create lasting utility-scale systems.

DC-Coupled Solar + Storage

Terrasun’s DC-coupled architecture offering is grounded in four key capabilities.

Each core capability is supported by software, hardware, and services developed by Terrasun to provide customers with DC-coupled systems that capture the most value possible.

Flexible and robust
system architecture with multiple dc-converter vendors and reverse current risk mitigation
High system efficiency
with industry-leading clipped capture capabilities and dynamic dispatch
Supports multiple market requirements
with DC-coupled architecture
Control testing in IHI's lab
enables configuration testing for multiple vendor combinations to simplify field commissioning

Lifecycle Services Capabilities

Terrasun offers a variety of lifecycle services to meet project needs, including:

Service Highlights

Remote diagnostics and monitoring

Systems are monitored by solar and storage experts.  24/7 multi-tiered response leveraging Terrasun proprietary software

Availability and RTE guarantee

Deep system expertise and tools allow customized project analysis. Provision of IHI Corp backed guarantee to ensure systems’ availability and performance

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Experienced field service management coupled with vendor-certified field engineers to provide maintenance and system repair to maximize performance.

Direct Procurement Options

As a customer-focused business, we work with select customers on various projects to provide integration solutions, lifecycle services, and assist in direct battery procurement. 

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